Want to work, volunteer, or intern for HT? This is your opportunity to make the Gifts of Christ Jesus known to youth and young adults.

Part-Time Positions

The Communications Manager reports to the Executive Director and controls and oversees the flow of communication and information between the organization and its target audience. You’ll work with all forms of media, including digital campaigns, print materials, social media, audio, video, and more. 

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Mark this one as required personnel. Conferences could not run without our amazing young adults who sleep way too little, run way too hard, and have an amazing time building their friendships and faith at the same time! Applications for this position are open from November 1 to the end of February each year.

This pastor oversees all of the on-site conference worship services while maintaining the chapel inventory and managing the chapel staff. Deliver Jesus through the Word and Sacrament in that place!

This pastor helps to select, schedule, and oversee all of the breakaway classes at the conference. Encourage the youth and young adults at the conference through solid teaching!

The church sings. This organist does the heavy lifting of supporting the church’s song in this place with strong musicianship, choir, and orchestra direction. Play boldly!

Like playing Tetris? This super organized individual takes the full conference roster and puts them into dorm room housing according to all of our really fun policies and procedures.

How crazy are you? We need someone to plan all kinds of fun activities for the youth so that they’re beyond exhausted at the end of the night, ready to crash, wake up the next morning, and receive it all again.

Conferences run on Jesus, caffeine, and the hard work of our Young Adult Leaders. But they need a leader themselves! Can you manage a crew of 18-24 year olds? Let’s chat.

HT conferences aim to deliver Jesus into the ears of sinners. But we can’t do that without a microphone! This individual runs all of the AV equipment, serves as a liaison between HT and the site staff, and is way technologically smarter than most people.

Have conference; will travel. Can you drive a 26′ box truck so that HT conferences can happen successfully? How about run folks to and from the airport? We’ve got a job for you!

Put 1000 people on a college campus, and there’s bound to be a hiccup or two. We rely on the volunteer services of trained medical professionals to act as the first line of defense for those little issues that pop up!


The Summar Viccar work with the site Chaplains,Worship Coordinator, and Events Executive to prepare and set up worship services for the conferences. If you’d like to learn more, click here!

A Deconness Intern’s job is to work with the Deconness Supervisor and Events Executive to ensure that mercy duties are done properly and interact with conference attendees. Click here to learn more!

The Summer Cantoral Intern works with the Cantor, Worship Coordinator, and Events Executive to make sure that all music production is produced correctly. To find out more, click here!