The Uncultured Saints

hosts: Rev. Elisha Lietzau
and Rev. Harrison Goodman

We’re told the same thing over and over. Christianity doesn’t fit with today’s culture. The thing is, it isn’t the culture saying it. It’s the church. We’ve done a great job figuring out what we’re not. Sometimes we forget what we are. We’re the saints, washed in the blood of the lamb. We’re sinners Jesus made holy. This defines us. There are places Christianity doesn’t fit with today’s culture because Christianity isn’t bound by culture. We’re free in Christ to be uncultured. Not against it. Not apart from it. Undefined by it, because we’re defined by something greater. Join Pr. Goodman and Pr. Lietzau, the uncultured saints, as we tackle today’s issues through the lens of the Lutheran Confessions and find answers to today’s questions rooted in a timeless truth in Christ.
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Pastor Eli Lietzau is one half of The Uncultured Saints.  He sees it as an honor and a privilege to be able speak about the promises of our Lord spoken to us in His Word and confessed in the Book of Concord.  He believes that the most important thing a pastor can do is to comfort terrified consciences with the Gospel of Christ crucified, risen, and ascended for you.  He seeks to proclaim to young and old alike that we are all nothing but poor miserable sinners, but for the sake of Christ, we have been justified freely through the gifts of the cross that are spoken into our ears, splashed upon our foreheads, placed on our tongues, and poured down our throats.
Pastor Goodman is co-host of The Uncultured Saints podcast (and formerly of the Largely Catechized Life videos) and counts it as a gift to speak and contribute anywhere else Higher Things will let him in print, online, or in conference. He takes every chance he gets as a parish pastor to give Jesus to sinners driven to despair by the devil, the world, and our own sinful flesh. He firmly believes kids should be given a faith to grow into, not out of, and strives to confront real issues with real hope that endures even as Christ is risen from the dead.