There and Back Again – Christianity and Capitalism – Ep. 14

You hear it all the time in American Christianity. God’s favorite economic theory is capitalism. It’s the Christian way to do business and live your life. But what does all of that actually mean when it comes to YOUR faith? How does capitalism and living in a capitalistic society influence you as a Christian? Can you be a capitalist and be a Christian? Let’s find out in the first episode of this two part series discussing Capitalism and Socialism.

What happens when you leave church on Sunday morning and you have to live the week ahead in the world around us? The good, the bad, the happy, the sad and everything in between. What does it mean to live as a christian in this fallen world?

Join Pastor Chris Hull and Patrick Sturdivant as they dive into the topics that are happening around us every day. They’ll tackle pop culture and contemporary topics and have some fun times while they are at it.

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