As a Christian, Who Am I Now In Relation to Sin?

As a Christian, who am I now in relation to sin?

Is sin something that should drag me down? Corrupt me? Define me? Disturb me?

No, sin is now in Christ overcome. It is washed away.

You are no longer a sinner trying to become a saint through your works.

You ARE a saint who now struggles with sin.

You are a saint who has doubt, anxieties, regrets, lust, anger, jealousy, hatred, idolatry, and laziness.

But you are no longer defined by your sin. You are defined by your baptism.

Who are you? God the Father’s baptized and beloved child, who is forgiven all of your sin. Your sin is obliterated, done, forgotten, and remembered no more.

Contributor Chris Hull is the senior pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church and Student Center in Macomb, IL.

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