0422 Confession & Absolution in 5 Minutes! – A Higher Things® Video Short

In today’s video, Pastor Borghardt attempts to zip through a very through explanation of Confession and Absolution in FIVE minutes flat! He uses numerous references from Scripture and the Small Catechisms. AND he even answers some common questions and objections about confession and absolution. Can he make it?? Brevity is NOT his style…

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Sounds used:
Ship’s Bell – Mike Koenig at SoundBible.com

Scripture cited:
John 20:22-23 – https://bit.ly/34UvWwO
Matthew 16:19 – https://bit.ly/2S1PdY6
Matthew 18:18 – https://bit.ly/3bv8DfC
Luke 10:16 – https://bit.ly/2VQ4Ym0

Small Catechism – https://bit.ly/2KoX91p