Episode 16: A Gospeled Boldly Christmas

In this Christmas episode, Pastor Brown and Thomas turned to Luke's account of the nativity of our Lord and discussed the other birth narratives as well. During the Inquisition Thomas asked [...]

Episode 340: New Year and the Naming and Circumcision of Our Lord

[ download ] This week on HT-Radio, Pr. Buetow and Stan Lemon talk about their highlights from 2015 and the coming of the new year. They discuss the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Our [...]

There Is No War on Christmas

So we give this thing a name, The War on Christmas. The War on Christmas wakes up around Halloween and shambles out of its cave looking for arguments about mangers and carols. And now we're so [...]

Out of the Mouths of Angels

Whether or not there are angel costumes, the Gospel still comes as it did from the mouths of angels that Christmas night, and it sings a song of salvation more beautiful than any treasures this [...]

The Cross of Christmas

It is an old practice in the Christian church to take the Christmas tree after the Christmas Season is over and make it into a cross. To do so you take all the branches off so that you have just [...]

Epiphany and Pre-Lent 2016 Reflections Now Available

Higher Things is pleased to announce the 2016 Epiphany and Pre-Lent Reflections. This batch covers from January 6 through February 9, 2016. (Please NOTE: This batch starts in the middle of the [...]

God Is Born

What a ridiculous thing to say: God is born. A contradiction of terms. God is eternal. Without beginning. How can He be born? There must be some divine trick, some heavenly illusion at work at [...]

The Fragile Flesh of Christmas Eve

Life is fragile. Hold onto it too hard and fiercely and you will break it. Hold it too softly and detached and you will miss its giftedness. Tonight almighty God descends to fragile human flesh.

José y Maria

In 2014, the graphic novelist, Everette Patterson, of Portland Oregon decided to do a Christmas card in the vein of the graphic novel pioneer Will Eisner, "who so often depicted, with religious [...]

Episode 16: María y José

Many artists have depicted the Nativity showing the holy family in their own ethnicities, as a way to show that Jesus came to save all people. Similarly, some Bible translators have paraphrased [...]