The Cornerstone of Higher Things Conferences

The image of Jesus Christ nailed to a cross is the cornerstone for every Higher Things conference. Here, we learn, teach and confess Christ and Him crucified for sinners.

Penance for us to Forgive?

How much penance does someone have to do to be forgiven by us? Pr. Borghardt teaches us about forgiving our neighbor and God's forgiveness of us.

Heaven on Earth

Here at Higher Things, we profess boldly with an "Amen," knowing that where Christ is, there also is His Bride, the Church. From the lips of our sinful mouths comes the sweet Gospel we sing that [...]

To Forgive Much is to Love Much

Today on HTV, Pr. Borghardt teaches us that a lot of forgiveness means a lot of love. Mary Magdalene was crying at the Lord's feet, and Jesus tells a parable.

The Stuff God Gives Us Doesn’t Save – Jesus Does

Today on HTV, Pr. Borghardt teaches us about the feeding of the 4000 and that the stuff that God gives us doesn't save us. Jesus saves us.

I’m Sorry, but…

I'm sorry. Period. Not "I'm sorry, but" or "I'm sorry you feel that way." Pr. Borghardt teaches us that there is no conditions on repentance.

Forgiveness Isn’t a Beauty Queen

Forgiveness doesn't look like much. In fact it's down-right ugly. We expect that when God does something for it to be beautiful, spectacular even.

Not Enough

Every now and then you'll be not enough for your friends. Maybe even not Lutheran enough.

Got Enough Faith? Jesus does for you!

Today on HTV, Pr. Borghardt answers a question about not feeling like you have enough faith. The answer is centered on Christ's Faith given to you!

What The Heart Wants, God Must Crucify

When Lutherans talk about law and Gospel stuff we talk about two kingdoms stuff at the same time. What is "two kingdoms stuff"? That's the way Martin Luther talked to distinguish between the two [...]