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The Higher Things® "Here I Stand" 2017 VBS!

All Higher Things VBS programs are packed with features including...

  • Opening and Closing Worship using Daily Orders of Prayer adapted from those found in Lutheran Service Book.
  • Bible Breakaways that teach and reinforce the day's bible story in a fun and humorous way through the eyes of Martin and Katie Luther.
  • Catechism Study where participants will actively engage in activities and games geared to show them the gifts Jesus gives in Confession and Absolution.
  • Snacks, Games, and Crafts that all reinforce the theme of the day with opportunities for discussing "What Does This Mean?"
  • Music selection for each day drawn from the liturgy and hymns of Lutheran Service Book. MP3 organ accompaniment files are provided to assist in learning and singing the music.
  • Preschool materials with Bible stories, games, and crafts geared for the youngest of the young in your program.
  • Adult Bible Studies to lead grownups and older youth in the study of the same bible stories and Catechism lessons.
  • Director's and Leaders' Guides for each section of the program, complete with material and supply lists, lesson outlines, and helpful hints and tricks for organizing and running your VBS program for Preschool through upper elementary grades using either a morning or evening schedule. Designed to include the older youth of the congregation as assistants, reinforcing the annual Higher Things Conference Theme.
  • Higher Things' great formula of "Worship, Work and Fun" adapted to the younger kids for a week. They can "Dare to Be Lutheran" and have a blast while they do!
  • Permission to reproduce any of the material for use in your congregation's VBS program.
  • One file was omitted from the original download/CD. Download the Catechism Daily Duties card here.

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