I Believe That I Cannot Believe

I Believe That I Cannot Believe

A Higher Things® Youth Retreat

November 18-19, 2016

Why doesn't everyone believe in Jesus? How do I talk to my atheist friends about Jesus? How do I get them to believe what I believe? We can't argue our unbelieving friends into faith in Jesus as Savior. In fact, our job as Christians isn't to convert anyone to Christianity. Conversion is the work of the Holy Spirit, Who calls people through the Gospel, and enlightens them with His gifts. He keeps us with Jesus in the one true faith. Even conversion is a gift! Join pastor Donavon Riley as he teaches on the Third Article of the Creed, sharing his own experience of being converted from atheism into the Christian faith, as he explains the reasons for unbelief, conversion, and Christian faith.

Pastor Riley serves St. John Lutheran Church in Webster, Minnesota and is the Online Content Manager for Higher Things.

When: November 18-19, 2016
Where: Zion Lutheran Church | 4206 West Elm Street, McHenry, IL
Cost: $50 per person
Contact: Rev. Mark Buetow | 618-318-3680 or buetowmt@gmail.com
Or Patrick Sturdivant | Higher Things Retreat Coordinator | retreats@higherthings.org | (888) 482-6630

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