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Wednesday of the Last Week

Let Your holy angel be with me, that the evil foe may have no power over me. Amen. (Small Catechism, from Luther's Morning and Evening Prayers)  [ read more ]

In Reflections // October 19, 2015

The Watchmen on the Heights Are Crying

The fact of the matter is that there is always enough cross to go around. There is always enough life to be given, for Christ is the One who gives. So, live. In your baptism rejoice, and live. As your fingers close around the cross, live. Because Christ has come for you. Christ remains the One coming for you. And soon, the ones who have been planted and the ones who walk the earth in faith, will call out, "Ah come, Thou blessed Lord, O Jesus, Son of God, Hallelujah! We follow till the halls we see, Where Thou hast bid us sup with Thee!"  [ read more ]

In Articles // November 24, 2015

Episode 12: Gospel-ier and Gospel-ier...?

So often we struggle to feel like we know the Gospel more or believe it better better than we did the day before -- or at least more or better than the next person. But is the Gospel even something that can be measured and quantified? Sandra and Pastor Riley discuss how Christians believe that our sins are forgiven in Christ...while at the same time we're filled with doubts. And of course, we talk about how vocations provide the freedom and context to tell others that this good news is for them too.
 [ read more ]

In Simulcast // November 24, 2015

Celebrating T-Day in the Christian Faith

In this HT Video Short, Pr. Borghardt teaches us about the Eucharist and how we can celebrate Thanksgiving in the Christian Faith.  [ read more ]

In Video Shorts // November 23, 2015

A Christian Identity Crisis?

Each of our identities, whether self-made or imposed on us from outside, is as fragile as life. None of them will survive, and there is only one way to avoid an identity crisis-an identity that cannot be broken because it doesn't belong to us. It's an identity that depends on one thing and one thing only: Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection for you.  [ read more ]

In Articles // November 23, 2015

Holy Marriage

Thus, if a man and woman wish a Christian marriage service, then they are publicly confessing that they do not attribute their fellowship to themselves, do not owe it to their own action and cannot themselves afford it any guarantee. The public confession as a confession of poverty lies at the heart of the service of worship in the marriage service. It is extremely important that it is a confession, rather than the signing of a contract or the public announcement of such a contract. The man and woman standing before the altar of God and His people are professing allegiance to God's holy and steadfast order of marriage. And this order is not primarily law, but a gift.  [ read more ]

In Articles // November 21, 2015

The Last Day is about Jesus

In this HT Video Short, Pr. George Borghardt teaches us that the Last Day isn't about us being a sheep or a goat, but about Jesus.  [ read more ]

In Video Shorts // November 21, 2015

HT Video Catechism - Ep. 65a: Introduction to the Christian Questions and Their Answers

Pastor Buetow introduces the Christian Questions and Their Answers and discusses how they review what the Catechism teaches as assist in preparing us to receive the Lord's Supper.  [ read more ]

In Video Catechism // November 21, 2015

HT Video Catechism - Ep. 65b: Christian Questions with Their Answers

The Christian Questions with Their Answers from the Small Catechism. The questions are presented in a way that can be used devotionally to review the questions and answers and prepare for receiving Christ's Body and Blood in the Sacrament.  [ read more ]

In Video Catechism // November 21, 2015

2015 Advent and Christmas Reflections Now Available!

Higher Things is pleased to announce the Advent and Christmas Reflections! Covering the season of Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas, this batch of daily devotions runs from November 29, 2015 through January 5, 2016.  [ read more ]

In News // November 17, 2015

Dürer: "The Knight, Death and the Devil" and Faith Alone

In 1513, Albrecht Dürer produced "The Knight, Death and the Devil," in the wake of his mother's death. To this day, this copper engraving is recognized as a masterpiece of its genre, but is perhaps more cherished for its spiritual content that prefigured the Reformation teaching of faith alone by several years.  [ read more ]

In Articles // November 17, 2015

Paris and Your Life in Christ

In today's video short, Pr. Borghardt encourages you to repent, pray, and receive each day as gift from the Lord especially in the aftermath of tragedy.  [ read more ]

In Video Shorts // November 16, 2015