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Saturday after Ash Wednesday

He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. (Psalm 91:15 from the Introit for Lent 1)  [ read more ]

In Reflections // January 30, 2016

Record Breaking Registrations!

The Higher Things Bread® of Life 2016 conferences have broken a record (again!). This summer we will have more attendees than we have ever had! Will you be one of them?  [ read more ]

In News // February 12, 2016

Crawling into Lent

Temptation, even for our Lord, the sinless Son of God, is no easy business. Forty days without food, three times tempted, despite the devil's flight, Jesus must have been sapped. St. Matthew tells us that angels came and ministered to Him. Thanks be to God for that, too!  [ read more ]

In Articles // February 11, 2016

The Catechized Life: The Good News of Resurrected Bodies

We believe in the resurrection of the body. That's exactly what we confess in the third article of the creed! In the resurrection body and soul are put back together again.  [ read more ]

In The Catechized Life // February 11, 2016

Lent is All About Baptism

Ash Wednesday or Ash-less Wednesday? Pr. Borghardt teaches us the history of Ash Wednesday and what the imposition of ashes confesses.  [ read more ]

In Video Shorts // February 11, 2016

Giving Up Something for Lent?

What does fasting look like? How do you fast? There are different ways this is done among Christians and there is no "right" way. Some people will talk about "giving something up for Lent." This is one form of fasting. You are "fasting" from that "thing you gave up." It takes willpower to deny yourself whatever you have "given up for Lent."  [ read more ]

In Articles // February 10, 2016

To Ash or Not to Ash

Ash Wednesday or Ash-less Wednesday? Pr. Borghardt teaches us the history of Ash Wednesday and what the imposition of ashes confesses.  [ read more ]

In Video Shorts // February 10, 2016

Episode 22: Your Own Personal Jesus

What often happens when we personalize our relationship with Jesus is that we end up privatizing it as well. Religion based on the relationship of "Me n' Jesus" results in a faith that is based on our individual feelings about faith and then church becomes an attempt to corporately pursue private relationships with Christ.
 [ read more ]

In Simulcast // February 10, 2016

Episode 341: Joy in the Death and Resurrection of Christ

This week on HT-Radio, Pr. Borghardt is joined by Jon Kohlmeier. Pr. B and Jon talk about the joy we have as Lutherans - even in Lent! That joy is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
 [ read more ]

In Radio Show // February 05, 2016

Episode 19: The Resurrection of Lazarus

In this episode, Pastor Brown and Thomas get into the resurrection of Lazarus, and our own resurrections, also accomplished through Christ. In place of the Inquisition, Pastor and Thomas talk about movies and stories with Christian themes.
 [ read more ]

In Gospeled Boldly // February 02, 2016

Episode 21: The Good Law and Groundhog's Day

It's easy, and a common way of thinking, to think that the Law is a bad thing. It hurts us, accuses us of what we have and haven't done, and (if it's doing what it's supposed to do), it kills our Old Adam. The Law, then, is "bad stuff" that happens in our lives and the Gospel is "good stuff." But are we really supposed to judge whether something is Law or Gospel based on how we feel about it? Sandra and Pastor Riley talk about how the Law is actually a good gift from God that is intended to drive us to new life and faith in Christ.
 [ read more ]

In Simulcast // February 02, 2016

Lent 2016 Reflections Now Available

Higher Things announces the 2016 Lent and Holy Week Reflections! These daily devotions deliver the Good News of the Savior who went to Calvary for you. Download them today!  [ read more ]

In News // February 06, 2016