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Something's happened. It's all over the news. For a lot of people, life will never be the same again. They've lost a loved one, or maybe everything they had—to terrorism, pandemic, natural disaster, or some other horrible tragedy. The world has shaken a little bit and it's going to take some sorting out. THIS JUST IN will help us do that, and remind us how God is always working for our good in Christ. Even when things are scary and confusing.
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This Just In: There's More to Veterans Day
November 11th, 2020
"At the end of the day, nobody joins the military for the thanks. They join it because they love their country and what it stands for. They join because this is the greatest country on earth and they want to ensure that all present and future Americans can experience it as well. They join because instead of thinking 'If I don't do it somebody else will,' their mindset is 'I will do it so somebody ...
This Just In: Idols and Politics
November 4th, 2020
We are taught and reminded at all times, no matter what we see, no matter what we think we can or cannot accomplish, God is still in control over this world. Ours is not the might; God is the mighty one. ...
This Just In: The Real Enlightenment
June 15th, 2020
It's rather easy to have a heavy heart right now. We see plenty of darkness, feel plenty of darkness. With shut-downs we've been isolated from friends, from church, from work. We've been stuck at home—and those homes quite often have had complicated and hard stresses added: less money coming in, people on top of each other, and little ability to get out and decompress. ...
This Just In: Countering Chaos with Christ
June 3rd, 2020
That is why we confess! In the midst of a culture of death, we confess the abundant burst of baptismal life that Jesus Christ gives liberally to all people, from each tribe, of every nation, of every complexion....
This Just In: Coming Together Again
May 31st, 2020
William M. Cwirla By the grace of God, many of our congregations have begun, or are planning to begin, gathering again for Divine Service. Some in urban areas are still waiting patiently on the Lord; others have been able to open again for worship. Local health restrictions can have a noticeable effect on our gathering. We may not be able to sit as close as we once did, or shake hands or hug, thou...