Jesus for You, Jesus Through You

Rev. Goodman assures us that our callings aren't about us, they are about Jesus for us, and therefore He equips us in every way, despite our weaknesses.

Catechism: Three Orders: Table of Duties

Rev. Cwirla walks us through the Table of Duties found in our handy dandy Small Catechism, explaining how vocation is worked out in three overlapping spheres designed to work together, to the [...]

So What Do I Do with My Life?

Have you figured out what you're doing after high school? Whether or not you think you have zeroed in on what your future career plans are, one thing is certain: As you are living your life in [...]

Called to Deliver: The Pastoral Ministry

The pastoral call is no more holy than any other call but it does come with its own set of unique blessings. Rev. Heinz shares his own experience in the hopes of encouraging young men who are [...]

Vocational Variety: God’s Wisdom for Women

We hear so many mixed messages from our culture about what women can or should do. We don't need to look any further than the pages of Scripture to discover the particular ways God gifts and [...]

Called to Serve: The Second Table

Rev. Fenker delves into Ephesians 2:10 - no holds barred. What does it mean that we are "God's workmanship?" What are those "good works which God prepared beforehand?" Find out!

Called to Receive: The First Table

As much as we try to turn the Ten Commandments into hoops we have jump through to please God, Rev. Brown makes the case that they are anything but. The first three commandments specifically give [...]

Free in Christ-Slave in Christ

Because of all that Christ has done for us, we are completely free from the condemnation of the law, yet we are completely bound to our neighbor in love. Rev. Riley explains how this works itself [...]


Rev. Borghardt emphasizes that, as a baptized child of God, you are free to live in Jesus and rest in the knowledge that He promises to work good in your life - no matter how many times you might [...]

Veith – Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

Our Text: Glory Versus the Cross by Gene Edward Veith Show Notes:  Dr. Gene Keith is not Dr. John Kleinig. Pr. Riley flubbed it. By way of apology, we introduce you, faithful listener, to Dr. [...]