Theology: Gotta Love It!

Theology is not reserved for your pastor, a seminary student or that really smart kid in your youth group who’s just nerdy that way. Rev. Castillero explains theology is for YOU—a baptized child [...]

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 10

For Luther, while he lectured on the books of the Bible at the University of Wittenberg, one question captivated his imagination: "Where can I find a merciful God?" And the one text that drove [...]

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 9

Martin Luther's move to Wittenberg did not lighten his workload at all. In fact, if anything, after he received his special license that made him a candidate for the doctorate in 1512, Luther's [...]

Holy Jesus, Holy You

Will the real "sanctification" please stand up? Rev. Buetow pinpoints exactly what this theological mouthful-of-a-word is in the christian life and directs the conversation where it needs to go: [...]

Why do Pastors Wear Vestments

In an era where pastors who wear Hawaiian shirts are seen as in touch with their congregations, it’s important to understand the tradition of vestments. Every piece has a [...]