Wednesday of the Second Week after Trinity

The Lord does things differently. He takes care of the salvation problem Himself.

Wednesday of the First Week after Trinity

When we repent, we are turned toward to Christ, where we find forgiveness and redemption and hope.

Wednesday of the Week of the Holy Trinity

God makes us a part of His house, one that is built on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen!

Wednesday of the Week of Pentecost

Jesus' perfect obedience has been reckoned to you, through faith!

Wednesday of the Seventh Week after Easter

As God, Jesus owns everything by right, but He laid everything aside for us.

Wednesday of the Sixth Week after Easter

Let us turn to our Bridegroom in repentance, for He is faithful when we are not.

Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Having been rescued from death in Baptism, we try to rescue others.

Thursday of the Fourth Week of Easter

We receive God’s providence and protection, not because of our submission, but because of Jesus’ submission.

Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter

Cling to Jesus’ Word of pardon as if your life depends upon it—because it does.

Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter

The Name of God saves. It causes the dead to spring to life, the deaf to hear and the blind to see.