Wednesday of the 20th Week after Trinity

The Table of Duties guides us in living a peaceful and godly life. It’s not the way of salvation; Jesus is the only way of salvation. Instead, it’s the way of vocation.

Wednesday of the 19th Week after Trinity

Confess your sins to your Master now and He will gladly pardon you.

Wednesday of the 18th Week after Trinity

Serve gladly those in authority over you, knowing that ultimately you serve Christ.

Wednesday of the 17th Week after Trinity

Parents and children will fail at their vocations. Thankfully, our Father never fails. His love is perfect.

Wednesday of the 16th Week after Trinity

The Church looks to Jesus to be her Savior, her protector.

Wednesday of the 15th Week after Trinity

Christ only ever speaks well of His Church. She is holy. She is spotless. She is blameless and blemish-free.

Wednesday of the 14th Week after Trinity

Government is not perfect, but it is a gift from God.

Thursday of the 13th Week after Trinity

Your pastor is the one the Lord has given you so that you will always be sure of God's grace and mercy in all things.

Wednesday of the 12th Week after Trinity

What joy that the Lord delivers His salvation to you in the means of grace that your pastor gives out!

Wednesday of the Second Week after Trinity

The Lord does things differently. He takes care of the salvation problem Himself.