“The Gifts Christ Freely Gives”

Have you ever asked, “Why do we sing all these different hymns during church?” I have. Wouldn't the service go much faster if we just started with the Invocation instead of singing all of the [...]

Free to Sing in Faith

Maybe you have the dulcet tones of an angel. Or perhaps your pipes could make paint curl (at least you think so). Even so, there is a great deal of richness in the historic liturgy that [...]

A New Song

The mark of a good hymn is a combination of a tune and words that can carry the weight of the truths of Scripture that we so treasure. Perhaps Rev. Kornacki, a hymn writer himself, will encourage [...]


Pipes don’t have perfect pitch? Sing like a sick cow? No worries! Sing unto the Lord a new song! Rev. Peters will encourage the most timid among you to wrestle with the words [...]