Ep. 3: A Horse Named Sin

When we change the clear words and teachings of Scripture to make things more palatable for sinners, the meanings change too. We actually begin to believe we can say things better and more [...]

Ep. 4: Free Will(y)

We can make choices about all sorts of things in our lives. But the theological doctrine of free will is not about whether you can choose what to eat for breakfast or which color shirt to put on. [...]

Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted

“Stricken, smitten, and afflicted, see Him dying on the tree! ‘Tis the Christ by man rejected; yes, my soul, ’tis He! ’tis He! ‘Tis the long-expected Prophet, [...]

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 18

Pr. Riley turns our attention to John Tetzel, who became the target of Luther's anger when the young professor finally broke from his support of the Church's practice of selling indulgences.