The Simul in the Old Testament

Rev. Riley demonstrates how the Simul is a key to understanding the underlying message of the entirety of the Scriptures, even the Old Testament: We are sinners in need of a savior who is Jesus [...]

Free in Christ-Slave in Christ

Because of all that Christ has done for us, we are completely free from the condemnation of the law, yet we are completely bound to our neighbor in love. Rev. Riley explains how this works itself [...]

We Don’t “Do” Evangelism

The most creative evangelism efforts won’t amount to anything, asserts Rev. Riley, if we fail to look toward and point to the very ways the person and work of Christ are communicated to us: [...]

Just Shut Up and Die!

Death is a brutal reality. It is inescapable because we are slaves to the power of sin. But, as Rev. Riley reassures us, we are baptized children of God, and so we are raised daily [...]