Pulse: 24

Who is the superhero on Superman's lunchbox? Jack Bauer of 24, of course! Tune in to learn more about one of the season's hottest TV shows.

Pulse: Pray… And Pass the Ammunition

Many adults say video games aren't healthy because they're so violent. But what about Christian video games that aren't healthy because they're so non-Christian? If technology is your thing, this [...]

Pulse: The Five Greatest Movies Never Made

Tired of not being able to find any Christian-friendly movies anymore? Read the good doctor's propsal that Christian youth start making their own, and find out what his suggestions are for movies [...]

Pulse: Jesus in the Movies

There's been a lot about Jesus in the media lately. From movies to books, He's popping up everywhere. But can you trust what the secular world teaches about Him? Read Pastor Borghardt's article [...]

Pulse: Comic Books

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Pulse: Reality Shows

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Pulse: Cartoon Reviews

SpongeBob, the Simpsons, and more - oh my!


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PULSE: Music Videos

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