“Pray Then Like This…”

Whether you’re at a loss for words when praying, distracted when you do pray or even think your prayer time isn’t a struggle, Katie makes the case that tools like the Lutheran Book of [...]

He Is Always There

Times of struggle are inevitable in this life. Sometimes we feel desperately alone. Erica’s personal account of God working in her life will encourage you to remember God’s faithful, [...]

Praying for Your Front-Line Pastor

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and what greater way to show gratitude for your pastor than to pray for him. As an experienced pastor himself, Rev. Bamsch lays bare the typical struggles [...]

Baseball and Prayer

Rev. Schmidt takes us back in time, to his own childhood, when his simple, persistent prayer for a wonderful baseball season set the tone for his future prayer life. Let the four lessons he took [...]

When You Pray, Say “Our Father”

Our Lord desires that we come to Him as children come to their father.. with expectancy, eagerness and trust. Rev. Cwirla reminds us of all the comfort we have to gain as he unpacks these first [...]