Bible Study: Why You Can Know the Truth

Be sure to check out this sample of one of our student Bible studies which links up with Rev. Pierson's article on P. 12.

Know-Nothing Know-It-Alls? The Curious Case of Agnosticism

It’s one thing to deny there is a God. It’s another thing altogether to operate as if you cannot know if there is a God. Far from being [...]

Text, Typos and Transmission: Why You Can Trust the New Testament

When critics attack the Christian faith, one of the first areas they will zero in on is the New Testament. After all, they say, it's full of errors and we don't have the originals. Rev. Pierson, [...]

Can Modern, Rational Adults Believe in Miracles?

We carelessly throw around the word “miracle” all the time. We take it for granted. How many of us have been eyewitnesses to an actual miracle? [...]

Christ on Campus: The Mother of All Conspiracies

You've probably seen the previews for Tom Hanks' new movie "Angels and Demons," You might have even seen you parents reading The DaVinci Code. What's with all these conspiracies about Jesus being [...]