If Salvation Were a Reality Show…

Welcome to Tentatio, the reality show that’s more nerve-wracking than American Idol. Here, we pit your favorite church heroes against each other. Which of our champions will [...]

A Church Full of Young People

On Sunday morning, you have to fight your little brother for the bathroom. And the front seat. And the last donut. But what if, when Sunday rolled around, you had to dodge bullets, rocks, and [...]


Does saying you're a poor, miserable sinner help your self-worth? A lot of people say, "No! It hurts." But what does God say? After a few tangles with the Ustabe Lutherans, Pastor Pauls tells [...]

A Survival Guide for Trouble

You can hardly get on the INternet without seeing some article somewhere talking about the crummy economy. But it's all pretty confusing. Recessions, stress tests on banks, bailouts... can [...]

Father Knows Best: The Power of Prayer

Praying isn't easy. You're not always sure what to pray for or if you should really be praying it or if the Lord is actually even paying attention to what you're saying in the first place. But [...]

Happy Holidays. You’re a Baboon.

That’s right.We said it.You’re a baboon.Actually, you’re not.The American Humanist Association said you were, but Pastor [...]

How to Defend the Real Presence and have Fun Doing It

Many fellow Christians don't understand why we believe that in the Lord's Supper Jesus give us His Body and Blood in, with, and under the bread and wine. We can almost guarantee that you'll be [...]

The Road of Life

It's an eternal struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness. The devil moves stealthily about the earth, waiting for a weak and innocent victim to prey upon. Is there [...]

How to Defend Infant Baptism and Have Fun Doing It

It's lonely being a Lutheran. Sometimes it seems like you're all alone in a sea of baby Baptism-bashing Evangelicals. So what's a person to do when friends and even family raise a questioning [...]