Sex, Sexuality, and Baptism

We’re being bombarded with a social agenda that continues to blur the lines between male and female, resulting in grave consequences. Sandra reminds us that while the male/female distinction is [...]

A Profound Mystery

There’s more to the “leave and cleave” aspect of marriage in Genesis 2 than meets the eye. Sandra sheds the light of Christ on this mystery that Paul describes in Ephesians 5.

The Other Side

The Cross stands between us and God. When He looks at us through it, He sees the new us clothed in Christ, without a body marked by sin.

Mary, the Mother of God

Whoa! Wait a minute, can we refer to Mary as the mother of God? Sandra Ostapowich examines this seemingly small point of theology and finds rich meaning in understanding our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pulse: 24

Who is the superhero on Superman's lunchbox? Jack Bauer of 24, of course! Tune in to learn more about one of the season's hottest TV shows.

But It’s Not Fair!

We live in a society that clamors around the concept of equal rights. Yet in the scheme of things and if we are truly honest with ourselves, Jesus got the short end of the stick in that game when [...]

The Thing About Mary

As Lutherans, we recognize that it's okay to give Mary the honor she deserves, yet we understand that she, too, needed a Savior as much as we do. Sandra expounds on Mary's response to what God [...]

Really Receiving

Is God sexist? After all, He said only men can be pastors. That doesn't seem fair. But is it about fairness, or is God talking about something better? Ms. Ostapowich explains why God gave the [...]

Knitted Women

Today's society says that men are no different from women and women are no different from men. Christianity, however, reminds us that both genders are fearfully and wonderfully made but also [...]