The Law Is for You Even Now

If you’re a saint, why do you need to bother with God’s Law? Rev. Fenker walks us through the three uses of the Law to help us understand the role God’s good Law plays in the life of a Christian.

Simul 101

Rev. Borghardt takes us back to the basics of the reality of Christian life as he zeroes in on the very paradoxical nature of the Simul.

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 14

The underlying motive for striving after humility wasn't a desire to enter into God's grace, but the urgency of a sinner to put himself first, last, and always. Luther said it was "plainly [...]

Just Shut Up and Die!

Death is a brutal reality. It is inescapable because we are slaves to the power of sin. But, as Rev. Riley reassures us, we are baptized children of God, and so we are raised daily [...]