70 x 7: Not Your Average Math Fact

It may seem daunting beyond belief to imagine forgiving someone 70 x 7 times. And if were up to us, that would be the reality. Rev. Brown shows how the ever-flowing fountain of God’s love and [...]

Catechism: The Gift of Reputation

Because we live in the era of social media it is easier than ever to get caught up in harming or not preserving the reputation of our neighbor. Taking to heart Rev. Cwirla's advice regarding the [...]

Loving Your Older Neighbor

Through her own recent experience with a dear friend, Kaitlin opens up our eyes to be more aware of our older brethren in our churches. To foster a relationship with an older believer in the [...]

The Church Musician in You

It’s perfectly acceptable to admit to singing in the shower… we all know the acoustics are the best in there! But whether or not you think you [...]

Lutherans on Facebook

Whether you spend hours a day on Facebook or have sworn off ever signing up for an account, you will find something to appreciate in Mr. Kohlmeier's explanation about service to our neighbor via [...]

Love Thy Neighbor

In this, the latest installment of Kathy's adventures and experiences, a neighbor visits their home with some sad news.