Mining the Riches: Take, Eat!

Is there a right or wrong way to receive the Lord's body into your mouth at Communion? Should you be given it from your pastor's hand or take it from your own? Is one way more Lutheran? Pastor [...]

Mining the Riches: He Rides!

Why did Jesus allow Himself to be crucified? How could He love those who despised, rejected, and killed Him? And why are the suffering, death, and resurrection so important to us as Lutherans? [...]

MINING THE RICHES: The Meat of the Gospel

Find out what chili con carne and Christ's incarnation -- as well as your own resurrection -- have in common.

Mining the Riches: Why Do We Suffer?

While reflecting on Lamentations 3, Jeff Hansen gives insight about God allowing suffering in our lives.

MINING THE RICHES: A Promise of the Lord

In Mark 4, Jesus calms the sea and quiets the waves. Pastor Mosemann reflects on this text, on our resistance to trust in God, and on the Gospel promises of our Savior.

Mining the Riches: Lord have Mercy!

Pastor Day reflects on the cry of two blind men pleading with the Lord for mercy. Just who is Jesus, this merciful Savior?

MINING THE RICHES: The Wisdom of Donkeys

Yes, God even uses donkeys to proclaim His Word! How much more will He speak through your pastor!