Advent 4 Lectionary Meditation

“My soul magnifies the Lord….” Just think how weird and strange Mary’s life would have been. She had her plans – marriage to a nice man, a normal, simple life…. Then Gabriel [...]

Mary, the Mother of God

Whoa! Wait a minute, can we refer to Mary as the mother of God? Sandra Ostapowich examines this seemingly small point of theology and finds rich meaning in understanding our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Thing About Mary

As Lutherans, we recognize that it's okay to give Mary the honor she deserves, yet we understand that she, too, needed a Savior as much as we do. Sandra expounds on Mary's response to what God [...]

Face to Face

Roman Catholics pray to Mary. The Reformed practically refuse to acknowledge her. And Lutherans are right in between. Mr. Lee takes us back to Luther who sliced and diced his way through the [...]