A Profound Mystery

There’s more to the “leave and cleave” aspect of marriage in Genesis 2 than meets the eye. Sandra sheds the light of Christ on this mystery that Paul describes in Ephesians 5.

The Gift of One Flesh

Infidelity is just the fruit of breaking this commandment, explains Rev. Cwirla, as he lays out what is at stake when we despise the gift of one flesh.

The Bridegroom and His Bride

Rev. Borghardt poignantly illustrates how marriage is a picture of Christ and His Bride, the church and how, on the Last Day, we will finally see ourselves as He does now: pure, blameless and [...]

Catechism The Table of Duties: Husbands and Wives

Rev. Cwirla expands on the occasionally used analogy of a dance to explain the role of husbands and wives in light of the Table of Duties, making it crystal clear how this union is [...]


If you've listened to or been around Rev. Borghardt for any length of time, you'll know what "that" is. It actually stems back to one of his most popular conference topics: sex. In his usual [...]

For Better or Worse: God’s Gift of Marriage

For most of you, marriage seems a long way off. You have to get through high school, graduation, college, and finding a job. Who’s thinking about a wife and kids at age 14? [...]

Love is No Battlefield

There's a lot of talk about marriage in the news today, maybe in your high school debate class too. Who can get married? Why should anyone? TO help you navigate popular morality and defend [...]

Saved Sex: A Plea for Virginity

Society tells us that sex outside of marriage is okay, that it won’t hurt anybody, and that it’s a sure cure for loneliness. But that’s not God’s [...]

What Am I Thinking?

What would convince a twenty two year old recent college graduate to enter into holy matrimony? Hear the story of from David about how he and his fiancée decided to get married.