Free in Christ-Slave in Christ

Because of all that Christ has done for us, we are completely free from the condemnation of the law, yet we are completely bound to our neighbor in love. Rev. Riley explains how this works itself [...]

Catechism: The 10 Commandments: A Summary

Rev. Cwirla succinctly sums up his series on the Ten Commandments and revisits that nagging question: If we’re baptized children of God why do we need the Law?

Are the Scriptures ABOUT You or FOR You?

While the Scriptures do indeed include a lot of dos and don'ts, those things aren't central to the Bible's core message. Rev. Borghardt focuses in on what that message is: Jesus doing all that [...]

So Turn into a Dinosaur

"All things are possible for those who believe!" Nowadays, these words of Jesus are on tee-shirts, posters, and the occasional "inspirational" meme. Without any context, this declaration is a [...]

Law and Gospel in Worship

We often think worship is about what we offer to God and indeed we do have something to offer Him: our sins. In return, we receive the glorious gift of Jesus in Word, water, Body [...]

Homosexuality in the Home: The Christian in Crisis

It's one thing to be inundated by all of teh politically oriented arguments regarding homosexuality, same sex marriage, etc. It's an entirely different story when you have someone near and dear [...]

Holy Jesus, Holy You

Will the real "sanctification" please stand up? Rev. Buetow pinpoints exactly what this theological mouthful-of-a-word is in the christian life and directs the conversation where it needs to go: [...]

The Gifts of God’s Dos and Don’ts

Someone just gave you a lovely, beautifully wrapped gift. You tear open the paper with enthusiasm and look at it,'s God's Law? How can it be that very thing that St. Paul calls a [...]

I Am not Ashamed of the Law

Talking about the Law isn't all that enjoyable. After all, it shows us our sin, and non of us likes to be reminded of how awful we are. But hold that thought. Pastor Peteresen is here to tell us [...]

The Ten Commandments

"What's the deal with the Ten Commandments? They're so overrated and archaic. After all, we're not the Israelites. You don't see us roaming around in the desert complaining about our rotten [...]