Sex, Sexuality, and Baptism

We’re being bombarded with a social agenda that continues to blur the lines between male and female, resulting in grave consequences. Sandra reminds us that while the male/female distinction is [...]


Rev. Borghardt emphasizes that, as a baptized child of God, you are free to live in Jesus and rest in the knowledge that He promises to work good in your life - no matter how many times you might [...]

Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Isn't it the classic question of the unbeliever to ask, "If there's a God why does he allow so much suffering and pain?" Even if your identity is found in Christ, you will have times when you [...]

Who Am I?

That's a good question and probably one of the most common asked by each one of us. The key, according to Rev. Goodman, is deciding whether you are going to listen to the world's answer or God's [...]

No More Stressing

Is there something that makes you uniquely you? Is it your number of IM contacts, your amount of Facebook friends, or how many people sit at you study hall table? Nope. It's none of those. Mrs. [...]