It’s Not Fair!

Rev. Heinz is the assistant vice president for Mission & Ministry at Concordia University Chicago in River Forest, Illinois. He is also the worship coordinator for Higher Things.

The Bright Light of Jesus

The victim of a vicious sexual assault, Amber reminds us how God's mercy and grace can redeem even the darkest of days and that it is through Christ's righteousness that we-His Bride, the [...]

The Thing About Mary

As Lutherans, we recognize that it's okay to give Mary the honor she deserves, yet we understand that she, too, needed a Savior as much as we do. Sandra expounds on Mary's response to what God [...]

Grace Alone

Zombie. Noun. Walking dead. A person that resembles someone who is emotionless and painless.Me. You. Wait. What? Who just called you a zombie? We did. That’s right. Without [...]

Grace of the Court

The courtroom is packed. The Judge isn't in a good mood. And you're the guilty one. How will you plead? And will the Judge be merciful or will He punish you for breaking the Law? For a dramatic [...]

God Revealed by Grace

God created everything in the universe. But is it just there to look pretty or is there more to it? Understanding God through His creation is called the natural knowledge of God, and while it's [...]