The Divine Service: The Gospel of Leviticus

Seven miles they walked with Him. And, in that journey, the incarnate Word of God opened their eyes to the One of whom the Law and the prophets spoke. The Key of David unlocked the Scriptures and [...]

Why Be a Lutheran?

You don’t to hold to the Lutheran confessions to be a Christian, but if you are looking for the clear proclamation of the Gospel as found in the Scriptures, those confessions won’t [...]

The Two Parts of Repentance

Repentance has been often misunderstood in our modern church era. One popular idea is that repentance means you're getting your life together and following the right path. Rev. Ehrhard clearly [...]

Are the Scriptures ABOUT You or FOR You?

While the Scriptures do indeed include a lot of dos and don'ts, those things aren't central to the Bible's core message. Rev. Borghardt focuses in on what that message is: Jesus doing all that [...]

Hymns are for Proclamation

Hymns aren't just lip service--they are instruments for declaring the blessed truth of the Gospel! Let Rev. Mize instruct you how to savor each phrase that you encounter.

The Gospel According to St. Lucasfilm: I Have a Bad Feeling About This

In light of the phenomenal success of The Force Awakens, HT's resident Star Wars aficionado, Rev. Heinz, makes the case that it's the perfect time to look at the Gospel connections that run [...]

Law and Gospel in Worship

We often think worship is about what we offer to God and indeed we do have something to offer Him: our sins. In return, we receive the glorious gift of Jesus in Word, water, Body [...]

Receiving the Gospel Like a Dog

Man's best friend may be able to teach YOU a trick or two you never thought about...the Gospel! Anna shares her own observations with her beloved dogs and ties it into the reminder that we can [...]

Rock Star Pastors?

Describe your pastor in one or two words…Go! Geek. Rock Star. Grumpy. How about…shepherd? In fact, a shepherd is the perfect description of your [...]