Ep. 1: What Do We Call This…??

What’s the big deal about saying my nature is sinful or my nature is corrupted by original sin? It seems like a puny detail to focus on…but it’s really not. If we get this wrong, it messes up all [...]

Ep. 2: The No-Jesus Coin is Bad

In spite of all the smiles and material successes, at the end of the day, most of us know we’re not doing and being our best selves. We can always do better. There is a huge chasm between who we [...]

Ep. 3: A Horse Named Sin

When we change the clear words and teachings of Scripture to make things more palatable for sinners, the meanings change too. We actually begin to believe we can say things better and more [...]

Ep. 4: Free Will(y)

We can make choices about all sorts of things in our lives. But the theological doctrine of free will is not about whether you can choose what to eat for breakfast or which color shirt to put on. [...]

Ep. 5: Jesus over Journey

Justification is a fancy $5 church-word that makes us sound smart when we use it. But what does it mean? It’s all about how we are saved and made right before God. As sinners, we look to [...]

Ep. 10: The Numb Hand of God

Saying “God is everywhere” is not helpful or useful, when you think about it. It just confuses things, especially when God has chosen to locate Himself in specific places. In the Old Testament, [...]