Rise! Kill! Eat! Live!

Sounds like a blueprint for life…really, it does! Check out Rev. Fritsche’s treatment of Peter’s “come to Jesus” moment on a rooftop in Joppa. It’s not just about food!

Planting and Watering

Rev. Fritsche, an LCMS missionary in the Dominican Republic, encourages you to plant and water in light of the reality that God’s key way of reaching out to us and others is through His [...]

Teach Us to Number Our Days

What happens when we die? How are we supposed to truly live when we know the Grim Reaper stands ready to pounce? Rev. Fritsche reminds us that in Christ, we live in the light of our new life in Him.

I’m Adopted

Nowadays adoption is often in the spotlight because one celebrity or another has decided to adopt a child. Well, it's always been big news for God! Rev. Fritsche gives you a window into his own [...]