Just Shut Up and Die!

Death is a brutal reality. It is inescapable because we are slaves to the power of sin. But, as Rev. Riley reassures us, we are baptized children of God, and so we are raised daily [...]

Dying and Rising from Above

No matter how brave you are, the thought of getting a shot for anything is not likely to be something you relish. There’s one inoculation, however, that you can rejoice [...]

Didomi: Given Unto Death

Everybody who knows Greek raise your right hand. Hello? Tap tap. Is this thing on? Pastor Borghardt wants to teach you the word didomi. It’s a little Greek verb that means [...]

Dropping Dead

Coming to grips with the death of a loved one is never easy. What happens when a person dies? What do the dead do while they await the Resurrection? What will the Last Day be like? Pastor Cwirla [...]

Rescue from Death

Most baptisms take place in a church with sponsors, a baptismal shell, and a beautiful white gown. Mr. Coats, however, performed an emergency baptism to the victim of a random shooting on the [...]

Last Easter I was Robbed

Wander into an unfamiliar church on Easter morning, and you may hear phrases like,“We hear the voice of Christ in the stillness of a clear night, in the way our friends call [...]

When a Loved One Dies

College is already a difficult time. But, for some students, it's compounded by the loss of a friend, parent, or sibling. If you or someone you know has experienced this kind of great loss, Mrs. [...]

The Masquerade of Evil

Generations of Germans still suffer guilt for what happened during World War II. Even though these people were not alive at the time and are sorry for what happened, they are still ashamed. [...]

The Enemy: Death

Man was not created to die. Death should be unnatural. But after our first parents' fall in the garden, death and doubt are our way of life. Mr. Michael Fieberkorn helps you understand the [...]

The Road of Life

It's an eternal struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness. The devil moves stealthily about the earth, waiting for a weak and innocent victim to prey upon. Is there [...]