Catechism: Liturgical Catechesis: Gloria in Excelsis

Christmas carols might come to mind, but the Gloria in Excelsis is a vital part of each Divine Service. Rev. Cwirla demonstrates how perfectly the Gloria shines the spotlight on this high, [...]

Catechism: Three Orders: Table of Duties

Rev. Cwirla walks us through the Table of Duties found in our handy dandy Small Catechism, explaining how vocation is worked out in three overlapping spheres designed to work together, to the [...]

Catechism: Invocation

Let’s start at the very beginning…of the Divine Service liturgy, that is! Rev. Cwirla gets the ball rolling with the liturgy/catechism connection by examining the very first words we [...]

Catechism: The 10 Commandments: A Summary

Rev. Cwirla succinctly sums up his series on the Ten Commandments and revisits that nagging question: If we’re baptized children of God why do we need the Law?

Catechism: Our Restless Hearts: The 9th and 10th Commandments

If you think about it, the root of every sin is covetousness. I want this…I need that…So how do we battle this perpetual struggle? Rev. Cwirla reminds us that Christ has fulfilled [...]

Catechism: The Small Catechism for Evangelism

Rev. Cwirla makes the case for keeping your catechism handy in your evangelism toolbox. Its simplicity and back-to-basics format will equip you to have answers for your friends who might be [...]

The Gift of Stuff

We may never find out what happened to Rev. Cwirla's yellow Schwinn bicycle but by the time you finish this article, you'll definitely have a better understanding of the Seventh Commandment.

The Gift of One Flesh

Infidelity is just the fruit of breaking this commandment, explains Rev. Cwirla, as he lays out what is at stake when we despise the gift of one flesh.

The Fifth Commandment: The Gift of Life

As Rev. Cwirla explains, what makes this commandment so compelling is that it is undergirded by a love for life and a need to preserve it in every sense because that is what Jesus has done for us.

Catechism: The Fourth Commandment

This first commandment with a promise reflects how our God of order loves us and wants what's best for us in this life. Although we struggle with and may even rebel against those authorities He [...]