Can’t Fool Me

Raise your hand if you think women are no different than men. What? No takers? You’re right. And so is Mrs. Curtis who’s about to tell you what makes [...]

Curtis and Confession, Part II

Pastor Michaels and Curtis are back in the church office, duking it out over what it means to be forgiven. Curtis thinks one thing, the Bible says another, and Pastor Michaels is doing his best [...]

Curtis and Confession

Pastors are great... except for when you have to talk to them. Curtis has gone through some rough times at school, and now his mom is making him meet face-to-face with Pastor Michaels to talk [...]

Hey, Good Lookin’

A girl's wardrobe can explain a lot about her. (I mean, Kathy Luder wears ladybug necklaces. What does that say?) So how should a Christian young lady dress? Can she war a mini-skirt or does she [...]