The Two Parts of Repentance

Repentance has been often misunderstood in our modern church era. One popular idea is that repentance means you're getting your life together and following the right path. Rev. Ehrhard clearly [...]

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 9

Martin Luther's move to Wittenberg did not lighten his workload at all. In fact, if anything, after he received his special license that made him a candidate for the doctorate in 1512, Luther's [...]

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 8

When the young monk got back to Erfurt, and it was determined that what Rome had decided about their infighting was unacceptable, monks took sides. That is why, in the end, Luther and his friend [...]

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 7

At Wittenberg, Staupitz set Luther to lecturing on Aristotle's "Ethics" for the winter semester. Luther also prepared to receive his doctorate in theology at that time. In the autumn of 1509, he [...]

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 6

Reflecting on his time in the monastery, Martin said, "I did not think about women, money, or possessions; instead my heart trembled and fidgeted about whether God would bestow his grace on me... [...]

This Diamond Christ Jesus

As a child of Christ, you will have those days when your own sinful nature, the devil or the world try to force you under the weight of your burdened conscience. Thankfully, your ability to [...]