Augustana XI – Confession and Absolution

Pr. Borghardt continues our Advent tour of the Augsburg Confession. Today we study Article XI – Confession and Absolution. If you have questions or topics that you’d like discussed on [...]

Lutheran Apologetics, Augsburg Style

Rev. Borghardt takes us back to the movers and shakers at Augsburg, where defense of the Scriptures was a matter of life and death. Find out how we can learn greatly from these men and appeal to [...]

Confessions of a Former Evangelical

Tamara provides a special perspective as a Lutheran as one who converted as an adult. Lifelong Lutherans will be encouraged to remember how blessed they are and converts will be able to relate to [...]

The Waffle House Confessional

We have pivotal moments in our lives when God's forgiveness and grace overwhelm us and we learn a lesson we didn't expect to encounter. Sometimes such moments occur in the most ordinary of places

It Is Time to Go to Confession

Gulp. Who? Me, confess? Going to private confession can be scary. After all, you’re talking with your pastor about your sin, and that can be painful, and, well, awkward. [...]

Curtis and Confession, Part II

Pastor Michaels and Curtis are back in the church office, duking it out over what it means to be forgiven. Curtis thinks one thing, the Bible says another, and Pastor Michaels is doing his best [...]

Curtis and Confession

Pastors are great... except for when you have to talk to them. Curtis has gone through some rough times at school, and now his mom is making him meet face-to-face with Pastor Michaels to talk [...]

Peter and His Rocky Confession

Peter is the frustrating disciple.He’s always speaking out of turn, saying what he shouldn’t, making a ruckus, and being obnoxious (and [...]

February 28, 2007 – Wednesday in the First Week of Lent

“What is confession? Confession has two parts. First, that we confess our sins, and second, that we receive absolution, that is, forgiveness, from the pastor as from God Himself, not doubting but [...]

What I Didn’t Say in the Confessional

Has it been a while since you've thought about what really takes place during Confession? Susan Gehlbach will refresh your memory by recounting the ache of confessing painful sins, the joy of [...]