Eat, Drink and Be Forgiven

Molly explains the reality of college life—that you are surrounded by worldly ideas of happiness and fulfillment. She contrasts this to our reality in Christ, where we have the freedom to [...]

Evangelism on the College Campus: Fish Don’t Want to Be Caught

As a former college ministry advisory pastor, Rev. Young has keen insight into how evangelism happens on a college campus and what results should really look like. (We think his 2012 HT Magazine [...]

Higher Things Conferences: A Life-Changing Experience

Benjamin's enthusiasm is contagious as he recounts his adventures as an attendee and College Conference Volunteer at numerous HT conferences. He might just convince you to sign up!

Christ on Campus: Brave New World

Your freshman year of college will usher in many things, not the least of which is challenge and growth. Katie seeks to encourage those of you who have yet to experience that first year [...]

Christ on Campus: Salvation and All That Cool Stuff

Don't public officials talk about God all the time? Sure they often do, but that doesn't mean that they are necessarily spokespeople for God. Magdalena shows through her experience in a college [...]

Christ on Campus Dare to Be Lutheran: Challenged Accepted

So what's it like to attend a Higher Things Conference for the first time? Read this first timer's enthusiastic review and judge for yourself. A bit of a skeptic at first, Caitlyn discovered that [...]

Connected to Christ at College

If college is on the horizon for you, it is a wise step to read something from someone who has walked that path already. Miss Dooms eloquently offers great counsel and wisdom for those who are [...]

Christ on Campus: Evangel-less Christianity on Campus

College campuses are growing increasingly more secularized. This hasn't happened overnight. Mr. Parton explains this history but doesn't leave it there. By the time you are done reading, you will [...]

Christ on Campus: Let’s Get Started!

Rev. Zill gives a step-by-step game plan to launch a college campus ministry. Whether you are a student, pastor, r your average church attendee, his advice can put you well on your way to help [...]

The Big Choice: How Do I choose a College?

Rev. Zill's helpful and heartfelt advice will come in handy, whether your college decisions fell like they are breathing down your neck or all still a few years down the road.