Catechism: Three Orders: Table of Duties

Rev. Cwirla walks us through the Table of Duties found in our handy dandy Small Catechism, explaining how vocation is worked out in three overlapping spheres designed to work together, to the [...]

The Church by the Spirit and in the World with F. Edward Cranz

The church is invisible and visible, of the Spirit but in the world. The nuances of this distinction have many implications for how you understand the church. Join Pr. Riley and Pr. Gillespie for [...]

Augustana VII and VIII – The Where and Who of the Church

Pr. Borghardt continues our Advent tour of the Augsburg Confession. Today we study Article VII and VIII – The Where and Who of the Church. If you have questions or topics that you’d [...]

A Profound Mystery

There’s more to the “leave and cleave” aspect of marriage in Genesis 2 than meets the eye. Sandra sheds the light of Christ on this mystery that Paul describes in Ephesians 5.

If You Love the End Times So Much Why Don’t You Marry It?

Rev. Mize zeroes in on the blessed gifts of the Sacraments and the Liturgy that sustain us until the end of all things...until we, the church, the Bride of Christ, set our eyes on Jesus, our [...]

The Bridegroom and His Bride

Rev. Borghardt poignantly illustrates how marriage is a picture of Christ and His Bride, the church and how, on the Last Day, we will finally see ourselves as He does now: pure, blameless and [...]

Your Church is Too Sexy: Why Church Architecture Matters

Think there’s a disconnect between theology and architecture? Chad Bird artfully presents just how intertwined they actually are and why this is so important when [...]

The Church Musician in You

It’s perfectly acceptable to admit to singing in the shower… we all know the acoustics are the best in there! But whether or not you think you [...]

Islam: Mohammed and the Sword

What makes Islam's use of sharia law so diametrically opposed to Scripture? There is no Jesus there. Rev. Ramirez skillfully contrasts Islam's twisting together of faith and government to God's [...]

The Church and State and God’s Gifts

Rev. Riley cautions us against taking Scripture passages that were meant for the Old Testament nation of Israel and applying them to any other nation or time. Learn how such passages, [...]