13: For You Christmas – Norman Nagel

Our Text: Selected Sermons of Norman Nagel, Sermon on Luke 2 Show Notes:  It’s Christmas with Dr. Nagel. Pr. Riley and Pr. Gillespie riff off Dr. Nagel’s sermon for Christmas [...]

47: Martin Luther’s Magnificat Meditation, Part 2

In the second part, Gillespie and Riley continue to read Martin Luther's Magnificat, to discuss how God makes Mary a theologian of the cross. 

46: Martin Luther’s Magnificat Meditation, Part 1

In this episode, Gillespie and Riley read Martin Luther's Magnificat, to discuss how God makes Mary a theologian of the cross.

Catechism: Liturgical Catechesis: Gloria in Excelsis

Christmas carols might come to mind, but the Gloria in Excelsis is a vital part of each Divine Service. Rev. Cwirla demonstrates how perfectly the Gloria shines the spotlight on this high, [...]

The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Both, parents and children, rejoice to go the Lord's house together, receiving His forgiveness and living joyfully in that blessed gift.

The Fifth Day of Christmas

The love of a wife for her husband in an earthly marriage is a beautiful picture and reminder of this reality which Christ brought about when He came into this world.

They Testify of Christ

From Genesis to Malachi, Jesus is on every page of the Old Testament Scriptures. Rev. Buetow takes us on a tip-of-theiceberg tour through the OT, demonstrating how it points to the promise [...]

Merry Christmas From Above

Delve right into the spirit of Christmas as we recapture the magic of Rev. Borghardt’s impassioned, Christ-laden Gospel message from the Higher Things 2013 conferences.

January 3, 2013 – The Tenth Day of Christmas

Jesus dares to come into a world full of murderers and even to be murdered so that we who in sin are used to taking life are instead given life everlasting.


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