So What Do I Do with My Life?

Have you figured out what you're doing after high school? Whether or not you think you have zeroed in on what your future career plans are, one thing is certain: As you are living your life in [...]

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 2

It was Trebonius and Geldennupf who recognized Luther's gifts, and it was they who paved the way for him to attend a university. Martin's father, Hans, was very encouraged by this turn of events [...]

Vocation 101

Are you In high school or college and haven’t yet figured out your future career? Mr. Engle explains that this doesn’t mean you [...]

The Good Calling

As young men, you’re under a lot of pressure to choose a college, a career, a first job. But hold up one second. As Lutherans, we are not do-ers. We are receivers. Pastor [...]