70 x 7: Not Your Average Math Fact

It may seem daunting beyond belief to imagine forgiving someone 70 x 7 times. And if were up to us, that would be the reality. Rev. Brown shows how the ever-flowing fountain of God’s love and [...]

A Victorious Life?

What does “victorious Christian living” really mean? So often today we are led to believe that there can be ultimate victory over sin this side of heaven when, in fact, that is a lie. Rev. Brown [...]

Called to Receive: The First Table

As much as we try to turn the Ten Commandments into hoops we have jump through to please God, Rev. Brown makes the case that they are anything but. The first three commandments specifically give [...]

You Are Not of This World

Sometimes things don't work out the way we planned. Sometimes that's the best news in the world. Rev. Brown writes convincingly that this is indeed the reality through Christ.