Simul 101

Rev. Borghardt takes us back to the basics of the reality of Christian life as he zeroes in on the very paradoxical nature of the Simul.

My Hiding Place: Christ Is for Me

It’s been one of those days and you feel lower than whale spit. You might even wonder if God is on your side. Rev. Borghardt passionately declares that, for the sake of Jesus, the Father always [...]


Rev. Borghardt emphasizes that, as a baptized child of God, you are free to live in Jesus and rest in the knowledge that He promises to work good in your life - no matter how many times you might [...]

Down from the Mountain

It’s in our nature to seek out mountaintop experiences, and while such times can be a blessing, Rev. Borghardt explains via the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration that His first love is [...]

Why Be a Lutheran?

You don’t to hold to the Lutheran confessions to be a Christian, but if you are looking for the clear proclamation of the Gospel as found in the Scriptures, those confessions won’t [...]

Pax Domini

Pax! That’s Latin for “peace”, which Rev. Borghardt points out is at the heart of the Divine Service. After all, forgiveness and everlasting life bring the truest peace we can [...]

Feel Free to Pass on the Good News!

Did you know that Lutherans were the first “evangelicals”? There’s a reason for that and Rev. Borghardt, in his gospelly way, launches our topical issue helping us to understand [...]

The Sophia of Worthy Reception

Do you ever wonder if you're truly worthy to receive Christ's Body and Blood? By giving you a peek into the precious life of his 14-year-old daughter, Rev. Borghardt addresses that concern with [...]