God’s Got You Covered

Did you know you have a more clothes in your wardrobe than you thought? Remember, you're baptized and so you wear Christ each day. Katie walks you through some of the clothing references in the [...]

“The Gifts Christ Freely Gives”

Have you ever asked, “Why do we sing all these different hymns during church?” I have. Wouldn't the service go much faster if we just started with the Invocation instead of singing all of the [...]

The Kingdom Is Yours

Rev. Fenker is the pastor of Bethlehem and Immanuel Lutheran churches in Bremen, Kansas. He is the also the media executive for Higher Things.

Faces of the Old Adam

This side of heaven there will be no end to the battle with our flesh, AKA our Old Adam. Even though we are new creations through our Baptism into Christ Jesus, Rev. Fenker explains that it’s [...]