The Great Commission. It’s a hallmark of American Christianity. The way it’s normally told is “Jesus said, ‘You have to go and make disciples. If you don’t, who will? And you must use any and all means necessary to win them for me.’” But is this really what Jesus says? Might the modern American telling of the Great Commission include a Great Omission? Does our Lutheran distinction give us an even better insight into the final verses of St. Matthew’s Holy Gospel? Join us in Gwinner as we explore the end of St. Matthew’s Holy Gospel from a distinctly Lutheran perspective and gain new insights on Christ, His Church, and the Sacraments.


Pastor Daniel Voth is Associate Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Grand Forks, ND. He has no podcasts nor written any books. He hasn’t even started his dissertation for the Doctorate of Ministry courses he completed eight years ago. But, he loves teaching teenagers about Jesus and just might say something you want to hear! Pastor Voth and his wife of over 21 years have four children who are turning out well, in-spite of their mother and father.



When: March 29-30, 2019

Where: Zion Lutheran Church – Gwinner, ND

Cost: $50/Person

Contact: Rev. Aaron Filipek
(701) 680-3837 or

or Tana McKenna
Higher Things Retreat Coordinator or (888) 482-6630


Register via online registration here.


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