Have you ever heard someone on the internet report that “science says”? Do you know that science can’t say anything – scientists say things? Science is a tool, and like all tools you need to know how to use it and understand what it can and cannot do (like talk). Come have some fun learning about the role that science, our senses and the Scriptures play in teaching us about the world, ourselves and our future in Christ Jesus.

Charles St-Onge is an LCMS missionary serving in Montreal, Quebec, and as area supervisor for the Caribbean. He holds three masters degrees in science, divinity, and religion from Queen’s University, Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne, and the South African Theological Seminary.

When: March 15, 2019

Where: Redeemer Lutheran Church – Waterloo, Ontario

Cost: $30/Person

Contact: Rev.David Saar – St. John’s Lutheran Church
(519323-4844 or revdsaar@gmail.com

or Tana McKenna
Higher Things Retreat Coordinator
retreats@higherthings.org or (888) 482-6630


Register via online registration here.


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