Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. TikTok. Facebook too—before it was taken over by old people! Text messages. WhatsApp. Snapchat. Boomerang. We are never, ever alone. We can converse with people all over the world, anytime and with our smartphones, anywhere. But what about your faith? Is there a Christian way to navigate all of this?

Rev. George Borghardt, Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bossier City, Louisiana and President of Higher Things, will take a look at the Law and the Gospel and apply it to Social Media. #higherthings #daretobelutheran #DTBL

When: October 4-5, 2019

Where: Mount Calvary Lutheran Church – San Antonio, Texas

Cost: $40/Person

Contact: Rev. Harrison Goodman

(210) 238-3588 or 

or Tana McKenna
Higher Things Retreat Coordinator or (888) 482-6630


Register via online registration here.


Click here to download the Registration and Information Packet

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