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Lectionary Monday: Jesus changes water into GOOD wine – A Higher Things® Video Short

A wedding with no wine?! What a disaster! Why is this suddenly Jesus’s problem? It’s not His hour — His hour when He dies for you on the Cross. He’s not so much about [...]

Bible Study Thursday: Works of the Flesh (Gal 5:1-21) – A Higher Things® Video Short

There’s no salvation for those who live in the works of the flesh. Don’t believe that what you do can save you. Do these sins, live in these sins, and you’ll go to hell [...]

The Baptism of Jesus and what it means to you – A Higher Things® Video Short

John knows that Jesus has no business getting in the water that day. John’s baptism was for repentance and Jesus had no sins to repent of. But Jesus counts Himself a sinner, for you. Jesus [...]

Thinking and living in the way of Law and Gospel – A Higher Things® Video Short

Our natural inclination is to do things in the way of the Law with lists of things we need to do and improve upon. While those are probably good things to do, they’re not going to save you [...]

Bible Study Thursday: You are not under the Law in Jesus – A Higher Things® Video Short

You shouldn’t just “do the right thing”. You have been set free to love others. Not to sin, but to be a force for good in your world. Not to justify yourself, not to save [...]

Do you have to be baptized just like Jesus (immersion)? – A Higher Things® Video Short

Does a baptism only count if it’s by immersion, just like Jesus was? Well…what’s baptism about? If it’s about you fulfilling something that God requires of you to show [...]

Fun Word Friday: Does God smell your prayers? – A Higher Things® Video Short

Incense is used in worship in both the Old and New Testaments, historically in the church, and it will be in heaven. It’s not “Roman Catholic.” The prayers of the saints are [...]